ESO Blades Gold is a portable game

  • ESO Blades Gold is a portable game they want money on they have chest every match does I can name 50 that's free and includes them battle literally contained some fucking battle pass type thing and nobody is bitching and they've waiting times that take months and invite you to buy gems that's one Mobile game there are thousands that have chests for cash The Elder Scrolls Blades is no distinct and shouldn't get hate for it.No expect? Really? Just don't purchase the stuff and completed. Obviously mobile games have been made for a single goal - to make money. No matter how they employ is their enterprise. Your"company" is if you play it and buy stuff or not.

    That's an obvious thing, at? Not to mention Bethesda isn't the first neither the only one that has introduced games in this way, nothing new or special in this circumstance. Fallout 76"issues"? Don't knowI beta tested it and played it and didn't see even quarter as many reasons to complain about it, because unlike many complainers, I actually paid attention when Bethesda was talking about The Elder Scrolls Blades before it was released, especially that it's not an RPG, it's an online service kind of game, and a lot more details. Lo and behold, it was all of that but somehow so many people seemingly missed it and started yelling about it. My only difficulty with the launching was that The Elder Scrolls Blades code I received from Amazon didn't work, so I needed to return that and get a new code.

    So no, ESOM Gold is very fine, they are nowhere close"being destroyed" nonsense and such. Their"monetization tries" in cellular games aren't nothing new neither devised by them, these items are as old as cellular games are. And here is especially shocking news - ALL games made by ALL companies are made to find MONEY. Not a single match company makes those games to make players contented. They spend thousands of millions into creating those matches, so they can make back tens of thousands or hundreds of times more cash, at the least.