100t/h Environmentally Friendly Raymond Mill

  • 100t/h environmentally friendly high-pressure Raymond mill is an equipment with a capacity of 100 tons per hour for grinding materials. It is the key equipment for crushing materials after they are crushed. Raymond mill is suitable for more than 100 kinds of materials, such as quartz sand, fluorite ore, coal slime, etc. It can adapt to many kinds of materials, and can adapt to wet, dry and mixed grinding of various mines and rocks. At present, it is widely used in transportation. In industrial construction such as mines, the use effect is good and the economic benefit is high, which has been approved by users.

    How does the 100t/h Raymond mill work?

    Material is evenly fed into the mill silo by feeding device. The mill silo is equipped with steel balls of different specifications. When the cylinder rotates under centrifugal force, the steel ball is brought to a certain height and falls down, which has a heavy impact and grinding effect on the material. After the material is roughly grinded in one silo, it enters the second silo through a single-layer partition board. The silo is inlaid with a flat lining board and steel balls, which further grinds the material and grinds it after grinding. The powder is discharged and the grinding operation is completed.

    Why is the output of 100 t/h Raymond mill high?

    1. Advanced technology, high wear resistance: environmental protection high-pressure Raymond mill uses quenching technology, so that liner can withstand tremendous impact in production, reduce liner deformation and wear.

    2. Reliable operation and long service life: The environment-friendly high-pressure Raymond mill uses modified gears, which improves the power performance and lubrication state of gear transmission, improves the reliability of operation of high-pressure Raymond mill, and enlarges the rolling bearing part of the environment-friendly high-pressure Raymond mill, enlarges the distance between the rolling bearing and the screw drum in and out, and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

    3. Energy-saving and environmental protection, low energy consumption: environmental protection high-pressure Raymond mill uses thin oil lubrication instead of grease lubrication, to prevent poor lubrication due to oil shortage, energy-saving and environmental protection, greatly reducing the loss rate of components, low energy consumption.