Colorful of bridesmaid dress!

  • Usually Bridesmaid Dresses are mainly elegant and decent, simple and natural, and the overall feeling should not cover the beauty of the bridal clothing. The color should not be rich,It is appropriate to be elegant. The bridesmaid's dress should complement the bride's wedding dress.

    The first is the requirements for bridesmaids' underwear. Because bridesmaids generally wear skirts, they must wear underwear that fits better, not too tight, and solid colors, preferably white. Because the general dress is more transparent, if you wear too heavy underwear, it will show up.

    Second, in terms of dress styles, to avoid clothing that is too orthodox or too casual, you can add fashion elements to the details. If you are wearing a suit jacket with fashionable and fashionable lace, the jacket is equipped with an alternative small sling, bright, beaded, multicolored stitching, sexy tube top.