You may just find the bones of the fortnite traps

  • You may just find the bones of the fortnite traps
    new town in the movie below, because most of the assets have not actually been put in the game yet, but you can clearly see what is coming, and it's more than just a castle.This all makes sense because A) we already have another castle by B and itself ) a walled town is a much more interesting landing spot with more potential than a giant stone fortress you've got to continuously be hacking through.

    And given the sheer size of this thing, it stands to reason that this may end up being a eternally addition to the Fortnite map, at least for a good long while, and it should end up being an integral landing place given its Tilted-level size and its (comparatively ) central location on the map. Right now there is no reason to land at Polar Peak whatsoever unless you're sightseeing from the buy fortnite weapons
    maximum point on the mapbut given it a few weeks, and that will change.

    I must imagine that this city will thaw out until the end of the year, hopefully no later than midway through or something, as fully showing it ten weeks from now would be a little excessive. We should know a bit more in a few days after another patch/reset, so stay tuned.