Went on a Rest from RuneScape for Approximately a month

  • They are fairly quick in regards to cheap RS gold hijacking requests whether it is blatantly not you. Check your email possibly every hourthey should make you change the password and you should be all set. Wouldnt say that. Sent in a charm when my account had been hijacked since I wanted to return into RuneScape. Waited for 1 1/2 weeks from jagex for a response. Got the account back as it was when I logged off, and it had been at the same place. How does that work? Was it logged in on a different IP secured as the login info got attached? Or was it wrapped back? or what. Waited for hijacked accounts to numerous appeals for answers had to bother Jagex on Twitter to get unbanned, and banned for botting for more than 8 weeks. Wouldn't say they are remotely quick at all.

    I had the exact same thing happen. I have a 15 year old account and stopped playing osrs. Tried to log on one day and have exactly the same message. I appealed and it got reversed which was amazing. Downside was the hacker and that I could not get it wrapped back. I am glad I'm not the only one who'd be annoyed that my account was leveled by someone else.I mean leveling abilities is essentially RuneScape. It'd feel strange if somebody knocked out one for me. Like, what? It is like in Skyrim if I create a new character and max all of his stats to 100 using cc merely to fuck around with, I'm bored after about 2 hours.

    I have in the past used macros for bothersome tasks such as cleansing herbs, and although it didn't feel as though I had been breaking the rules, I had been, even though it was to get little period of times. Most of them, autoclickers ahk can get you banned. Just be honest with yourself, if you used any of those tools, rules are rules. It doesn't matter in the event that you only used it (obviously you had to at least used them twice to find perm banned). Using macros, or bots is not worthwhile. Anyways, if you legit did not violate the rules, I hope you get back your account.

    In each way is a HUGE stretch. This 2007 game is flourishing in 2020 how bad are they currently doing? Do you understand what is necessary to discover the number of bots which are constantly being redeveloped to bypass the detection systems?? Proceed bot it to 1k complete and make an account, it is going to be banned with no shadow of doubt. Those who are currently paying for private scripts are handling long-term botting. And again you clearly dont understand that the botting communities or how the bot farms operate so that you should probably understand what you are talking about before tagging anyone incompetent.

    You don't really know anything about bot farms, don't talk so like you do. When itn't made them cash, they wouldn't do it. No one bots to 1k total. Why do you? Because we're not talking about whether bots get banned, either way that is irrelevant. This is about whether or not innocent gamers get banned. They do. On all reports on suspicion of botting: participant got banned To get a case. He participated in the King of old school runescape buy gold this Skill event and took 1st place, and got banned.