They're so scared to make actual changes to RuneScape game

  • It seems like this finally came down to cheap OSRS gold a failure to communicate the extent, bounds, parameters, etc. of"partnerships" on the benefit of Jagex. Players took the conversation in a more general monetization direction, which based on the blog you just shared with me, was not a part of Jagex's vision at all. This can only be blamed on Jagex (a failure to properly convey ) not the players (for taking the term"venture" and running wild with it). I also believe players were just worried about approving some overall"partnerships" and Jagex can go and do a whole lot with that term one day. If Jagex really wants partnerships they should poll certain partnerships each time they're considering one.

    A business exists only for one reason and that's to make money. Everything else is a side product. OSRS is earning money. OSRS stops present the moment it doesn't. Yes! Each company's objective is to earn money. However, you are denying that their aim is not just to make money now but to also be making money elsewhere. The point is that OSRS will continue to create money as long as they do not piss off their customers, and MTX etc. would piss us off enough to stop paying. OSRS only exists because Jagex dropped a significant part of their player base to the split producing RS3, MTX, and more.

    That is partly why they're so scared to make actual changes to RuneScape game with no survey. They saw the final time they made such a shift and it tore RuneScape game aside. I doubt they'd risk that. They would have to think OSRS is dying unless they made a huge shift. Why do you doubt that? They have been moving more and more towards making unpolled alterations and trying to include separate monetization approaches to osrs besides p2p. Eventually those paths will cross and we are going to get some version of partnerships put into RuneScape game with no survey. You're delusional if you think that a multi-billionaire dollar conglomerate sees Jagex because their cash cow rather than a slaughter bull that can be slaughtered for a quick buck when they want it.

    I see that statement. Nonetheless, it's actually. CD endeavor reddish, naughty dog. They have values that are different compared to the manufacturers of shadow legends for example. Ofcourse a company would like to make money, but there are plenty of businesses who also need to generate good games and will not settle for less. I feel as the group and OSRS currently have values. That is why I feel"jagex" should not be used as a word for the OSRS team. It is a ridiculous argument? Like the fact that they are machines designed to squeeze profit from something until it is dead is okay because that is what they were designed to do?

    That is like arguing as their objective is to make more cash, it is okay for your drug dealer to decrease your medication! Some of us cannot tolerate viewing any criticism of something they enjoy, even if that criticism has literally nothing to do with them. How many times have you seen thorough analyses with though-out suggestions being disregarded as"complaining" on reddit? Definitely at the hundreds for me.I sure love the worth CD job red holds up, helps silence their horrible expectations of buy rs 3 gold workers. But it's fine because they are nicer to the consumer, whereas other company is bad since they have lootboxes, despite not treating their workers like trash.