Watch they are making 2k21 next gen

  • That is one of Nba 2k21 Mt those shots that even withstand game physics. Why but I had not even really considered Dame for its cover but he's a fantastic choice. He was on the pay for NBA Live a couple of years ago but I've literally never met anyone to play the newer variants of it. NBA Live 2005 was my shit back at the day though!The old nba live dunk contests were the funniest part of almost any sports videogame I've ever played. This cover is blank as hell too, instead this than AD staring in my spirit.

    Shame this franchise has been butt for like 6 decades now. And it's going cost 160 bucks and be known as the immortal edition or another bullshit. If they have some spine (up for discussion ), they will donate a few of the profits to his foundation. You're exaggerating with the 160 correct? I have not purchased 2k in some time, how much is the most loaded version of the sport usually?Yeah it had been 100 final year.

    Game is bugged to shit, it has the specific same bugs because 2k16. These men don't playtest their matches or make any changes, particularly to non-mtx manners. I am embarrassed I ever gave them money. I think they're not putting Kobe on the cover bc his family actually can't get over that departure. And placing him on the pay right now just prolongs that. They're respecting the family. The household even said they can't get over it due to the amount of pages submitting his pics, highlights everything. Imagine the backlash from trying to earn an extra dollar on Kobe's passing. I really don't see how they could even pull it off. Very authentic. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

    Interesting that Dame is going to soon be featured on the current generation cover (PS4, XBONE), implying that the next-gen versions may have a different pay athlete. In the marketing, my guess is that the next-gen cover athlete is likely to be Zion. Can't believe Steph and Harden needed to share a pay, but Zion could already be getting his own. What is"next gen"? Just like for the following consoles. . . ? So, uh yeah. Lol did not imagine I'd get this much downvoting only because of being dumb of video games.

    It's been seven years. Bro where have you been the last 6 weeks lol. Current gen 2k21 will only be 2k20 with a new cover. Then next gen 2k21 is going to mt for sale 2k21 be the real 2k21. They barely make you new game a year. They're not gonna make two. Watch they are making 2k21 next gen.