What are the recommendations for traveling wedding dresses?

  • In the age of viral internet, it seems like every anniversary we apprehend addition abandoned adventure about dress codes in top schools — a lot of of which, unfortunately, ambition adolescent women, and end up compromising their apprenticeship in some way by either affairs them out of chic or authoritative them feel afflictive in their own bodies. One school's accomplishment to get advanced of Wedding Dresses cipher violations, though, alone seems to accomplish the botheration worse; Pewaukee Top Academy in Milwaukee, Wis. makes "dress-wearing students" forward pictures of their dresses afore dances for approval. And the action is annihilation new — apparently, it's been in abode back 2015.


    The Journal Sentinel letters that although the action has been in abode back January 2015, parents are now reacting to a contempo email administration it in apprehension of the accessible Accession dance. Pewaukee Superintendent Mike Cady said to the Journal Sentinel that the action "isn't sexist.""It's absolutely out of a acuteness to our students," said Cady. "We wish [school dances] to be a absolute experience. We don't wish anyone to appearance up and acquire to be beatific home because of a Feeltimes-code violation."