The Effect Of Oil Pumps On Automobile Engine


    The oil pump in the internal combustion engine circulates the engine oil under pressure to the engine's rotating bearings, sliding pistons and camshafts. This lubricates the bearings, allows the use of large-capacity fluid bearings, and also helps to cool the engine.

    In addition to the main purpose of lubrication, pressurized oil is also increasingly used as hydraulic oil to power small actuators. One of the first notable uses of this method was the hydraulic tappet used in camshaft and valve actuation. Recently more and more common uses include tensioners for timing belts or transmissions for variable valve timing systems.

    Not all engines have the same oil injection requirements. For example, high-performance engines put more pressure on the lubrication system. In this case, the lubrication system must be particularly robust to prevent engine damage. Most engines in cars on the road today do not exceed 5,000–6,000 rpm, but this is not always the case for high-performance engines, because high-performance engines can rotate up to 8000-9000 rpm. In such engines, the oil must circulate fast enough, otherwise the air may be trapped in the oil. In addition, in order to release power, engines in some high-performance applications run lighter oil, which requires less power to run the oil pump. Today, the weight of common engine oil is usually 5W-30 or 10W-30, while high-performance engines may use 0W-20 engine oil with low viscosity


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