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  • After the draft it's more of the nba2k21 myteam coins stuff and ain't much choices except off the court things (hanging with teammates, partying, meeting coach or viewing film) all these have pros and cons(example partying all of the time can bring in more friends but the organization might not be pleased with that and may trade you or discharge you without you having a state so. Needless to say I'll want a my career like this because you're able to keep the cheesy story and allow me to compose my own story all the pre draft stuff allow me to alter the difficulty therefore that it wouldn't be a cake walk into being the #1 choice and don't let scoring control the element in my spot like have teams look in my like that he maybe be a scoring threat.

    However, I've shown to be a responsibility of playing defense or getting my team involved and have the groups in the interviews how I choose to change it and inquire about any weaknesses or that. I enjoy unpredictability and equipped to tell my buddies something that occur within career that may not happen in there's(example I got injured for a couple months and missed noodle and etc or I got exchanged for being selfish and not thinking of the team). I took a lot of time to sort this and I am sorry if it is too much but I needed to talk about my my career wishlist sorta and wished to see what y’like to see out of my career or if y’like my ideas or have any alterations to it.

    Make it nearer to 2K14. Build your way up where you start in the draft. It's just gotten worse ever since. Dictating makes me wan na play longer and prove myself and make the organization or the draft and not knowing where I'm going believe they made the decision. I play realistic therefore I do not be attempting to be the Star year one I Will avg 20-24 at the most and when we lose we lose. However, my greatest my livelihood was 2K12 I went 8 seasons deep together with the group who drafted me and purchased them 4 titles because I felt the natural progression of being the shot to being the guy and face of this franchise and it was interesting.

    Those are a few ideas that are fantastic. I'm a big RPG guy, and would love to have this branching narrative into 2k21 mt central. Truly love the post-high school choices since it correctly reflects what actual prospects undergo now. Because you play it 13, do not care about the narrative stuff and it usually only takes a few days to finish. Most people already forget what happened in the story that a few months in. Only thing that I want from NBA 2K is to have more awareness of where they are about the court, particularly in regards to picking up/saving balls.