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    On Thursday, EA Sport Announces Madden NFL 21 Will be Available on Xbox Series X

    . During the reveal, EA revealed Madden NFL 21 looks on the Xbox collection X, and it seems more realistic than ever before.

    From the trailer, just Madden 20's cover celebrity Patrick Mahomes talked about franchise and development instructions, but nothing else.A one month subscription prices £3.99 whereas a 12-month subscription just prices £19.99 (via PSN shop ).

    As for PC, you register to EA Play Pro.

    You can find everything you want to know about which versions to pre-order by reading the first story.

    Just like every year, there is a cheap Madden nfl 21 coins instalment coming out by EA. There's complaints about the game being the same but with a different number from the title, but there is a new mode called The 30, this year. Before committing to a purchase, and, if you are among those who complains about every instalment being exactly the same, you can enjoy an EA Access trial. Meanwhile, if you like the franchise dearly, then you can get access for Madden NFL 21 by pre-ordering the proper copy.