Taking on the KC Chiefs defensive narratives

  • In Episode 17 of the Chief in the North, I decide it's time to go to the film room to examine the Chiefs' defense in their loss to the Raiders last Thursday https://www.chiefsfullapparel.com/Chiefs_Nick_Allegretti_Jersey. There are a lot of narratives flying around out there about Bob Sutton, Justin Houston, 3 man rushes, pressure on the quarterback, and a whole lot more. It seems like everyone has an opinion as to what went wrong on Thursday.But what does the film say? On closer examination, is there any accuracy to the idea that Bob Sutton's "scheme" is ruining the defense? Are the issues the Chiefs had against the Raiders actually schematic in nature? Or is there something else going on?I reviewed the film and examined all of Oakland's successful passing plays https://www.chiefsfullapparel.com/Chiefs_Neal_Sterling_Jersey. I also charted 3-man rushes by the Chiefs, times Houston dropped into coverage, and the pass rush in general. There's a whole lot of misinformation out there, and it's time we talk about WHY the defense was bad on Thursday . It's time to bust some myths.After mythbusting, I answer some mailbag questions and preview the Denver game, talking about why this is a unique chance for both the offense and defense to prove something. Welcome to the Chief in the North, the land of 10,000 takes. Hope you enjoy.