Play accommodating amateur with your accompany on Windows PC

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    War Thunder Golden Eagles has something for everyone. Play accommodating amateur with your accompany on Windows PC, Linux, Mac or PS4 adjoin AI, or band up for a PvP activity in a adversity ambience analogous your play style, alignment from Arcade to Simulator application Mouse and Keyboard, Gamepad or Joystick.During the two-week event, which lasts until August 5, players can alleviate two attenuate exceptional tanks artlessly by arena the game. This year, players can admission both the up-armored average T-34E and the super-heavy IS-7 tank, as able-bodied as affluence of added prizes like boosters, skins, decorations, decals and more. To get the attenuate tanks, players will admission to appearance some absolute craftsmanship, accustomed that theyíll admission to accumulate them themselves.