Slots 5 and 6 can be acclimated for healing and shields

  • You can blast and annoyance your weapons about your toolbar in your account screen, and you actually should. The 1 key is for your pickaxe, so use 2, 3, and 4 (the a lot of attainable keys) for the weapons that youíll charge to about-face to at beeline notice I consistently put a shotgun on 2 in case anyone all-overs up on me and I charge to cull out a short-range weapon fast. I put an advance burglarize on 3, to about-face to if I see an adversary at average range, and my assassin on 4. Slots 5 and 6 can be acclimated for healing and shields.

    In added shooters, you adeptness wish to bind assertive weapons to any customisable abrasion keys you have, and while thatís an advantage actuality itís allegedly bigger to use those keys for your architecture tools Buy Fortnite Items. You never apperceive if youíll charge to bandy down a bank beneath fire, but thatís all admonition you can apprehend in our accumulating of Fortnite architecture tips. Letís move on to the best weapons in the gameówhat to attending out for, what to use as a backup, and what to avoid.