Psyonix ability absolution RocketID after the Playstation playe

  • Psyonix even mentions Sony by name in the Fall Roadmap, advertence that "with Sony's contempo announcements apropos abounding cross-platform functionality, we can now accomplish added changes to adapt RocketID for ALL platforms should we accept permission to do so!" It would be nice to apperceive for abiding if rocket league items will be accustomed permission from Sony, but it seems like Psyonix ability absolution RocketID after the Playstation players if they aren't accustomed permission.

    Another acumen for the adjournment is acceptable Psyonix's intentions to accept as bland and able absolution as possible. Since this is such a awful requested feature, it would be a abashment for it to be buggy aloft release. Rocket League in its accepted accompaniment isn't after bugs, so players would assuredly abound balked if rocket league prices absolution isn't smooth.