Biggest Promotions of the Top Casino Bookie in Malaysia

  • Online casino gambling is one of the best ways to earn easy money while having fun at the same time. Many gamblers all over the world see this gambling game as an opportunity to change their financial status in life. If you want to earn money while playing all of your favorite online casino mobile games, you better join the top online casino gambling site in Malaysia called QQ288. In this post, all of the biggest promotions of the top casino bookie in Malaysia will be discussed.

    Welcoming to Diamond VIP Promo

    Welcoming to Diamond VIP or Free VIP promo is offered to all regular members of QQ288. In this promotion, for every 3 months of playing, all regular members will be upgraded up to Bronze VIP Level. For 6 months of playing, one level will be added to a VIP member. And for 12 months of playing, another level will be added to a VIP member. After adjusting, the result of the level can be kept for 3 months. QQ288 will adjust the level according to the data of the last 3 months in every early month.

    Welcome Bonus 20%

    All new online casino bookie or newly registered members of QQ288 could avail this welcome bonus promo. Welcome Bonus 20% promo has a given maximum bonus of MYR 300. It applies to all casino products of all game developers except for the products of Playtech Casino. WB20 is also not applicable to Poker, e-Games, ISIN4D, TXBET, and QQKENO.

    Daily Reload Bonus 5%

    This promo applies to all registered members of QQ288 with MYR currency. In this promotional offer, the bonus will be credited directly when Transfer to Product has been set for the chosen promo. All members could get a Reload Bonus promo with a minimum bonus of MYR 1 and a maximum bonus of MYR 30 daily.

    So those are the biggest promotions of the top casino bookie in Malaysia. After knowing this information casino about those huge promotional offers, the only thing you have to do is to join QQ288.