Coarse Aggregate Ore Processing Equipment

  • At present, gravity separation is only used to separate coarse aggregate processing line with simple structure and coarse particle size, especially for aggregate oxide ore with high density. The common methods are heavy medium dressing, jigging dressing and shaking table dressing.
    Click to know more details about gravity separator machines3. Strong magnetic separationCoarse aggregate minerals are weak magnetic minerals, which can be recovered from high magnetic field separators with magnetic field strength Ho 800 ~ 1600KA / M (10000 ~ 20000oe), generally increasing aggregate grade by 4% ~ 10 %.
    Because of its simple operation, easy control and strong adaptability, magnetic separation is widely used to separate all kinds of coarse aggregates. Various new types of coarse, medium and fine grain strong magnetic machines have been developed successively. 
    At present, the most common application is medium-grain high-intensity magnetic separators, coarse-grain and fine-grain high-intensity magnetic separators followed, fine-grain high-intensity magnetic separators are still in the experimental stage.