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Runescape3 Mobile wants a lot of longer work

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    April 28, 2019 10:45 AM EEST

    Runescape3 Mobile wants a lot of longer work and they not even have a ios beta however only an android beta which is limited to 25k testers since runefest.stop utilizing Shauny as your mascot; It won't subside our hate on your inaction and lack of care for Runescape.

    Also, though this does seem optimistic, I can't appear to forget Mod Mark's remark on how (Jagex) was going to stop messing about and get things done, and do nothing. I want to be positive, but it's hard when all you have done is choose your participant base.

    Some OSRS players flock to whatever Runescape puts out whether it's on Instagram or YouTube or to dislike and/or post remarks that are negative. Others are out of frustrated Runescape3 players that wish to show their annoyance off so they dislike each RuneScape video regardless.

    Lastly it. I think that covers it.Only complaint is every 3 months were becoming double xp weekends, The sector is never regaining and is altered now people are expecting these dual XP weekends and only entices them to instruct certain skills only on double XP weekend. Why can't it return to every six months.


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