For some RuneScape gold reason

  • For some RuneScape gold reason they are drifting increasingly more away from posting items on their site I constantly feel like im missing out and do not have Twitter. Please jagex start using your site and rework your own forums. They're great but needs to be polished and im sure we will see more action there.Forums? You mean that part of this site with information that is helpful, but you navigate there using Google you end up in a dead link and get redirected to the main forum view?

    Show Discord message or me a Tweet, News article from a official Jagex source. This advertising was not a"flash" sale looks more like they made an error on there part and decreased it a lot. After the reboot to fix the MTX occasion they"adjusted" the error. Is behond me it can't be published to the front page. They just sent out a questionnaire asking people how they ought to announce the launch of Archaeology to the public.Not many of us can play 24/7, if you check in here every once in a while you'd have had 4 days to use the last oddment sale. It is not like they should stop individuals for being up to date with statements and playing more?I would suggest just read this back how can making this exploration worse be a fantastic thing for Runescape game? Ignore all the controversy, I didn't even talk about it in my comment. Could you not rather have a quest with a cohesive and humourous plot instead of"just another dull quest?" But they did. Now I would rather folks shut up about things that issue in Runescape game. How many people who are whining do you think enjoyed it to the point that it causes this outrage worthwhile and played with the quest?

    Town at the desert. Central to buy RS gold a quest where you need to locate a Ali, but don't know which one. People are mad since it significantly impacts upon their own gameplay, but because Runescape is shedding unique sections of its lore/world due to manufactured outrage, and just generally hate that sjw/manufactured outrage has so much power over our experiences/games. Oh so that they were not all Ali 17, that they simply changed the names of those people? I thought the name of the town changed and I could not make sense of the.