Ground play in Rocket League


    1. Dribbles. Best practiced in free play, honestly.
    2. Chip ‘n chase: chip a rolling ball into the air, follow with an aerial. this is often often a superb tool once you don’t have a much better idea of what to undertake to to with the ball. At lower ranks, you'll score with impunity if you're presented with a roller.
    3. Shooting. This might blur into the territory of low/basic aerials. it's really, really important to be able to put a selection of balls on net. Higher, faster shots are preferable.
    4. Half volleys, a.k.a. boomers. Hitting a ball just after a bounce will provide you with many power. this is often actually because a ball has upward momentum after a bounce, and once you hit it, you provides it upward and forward momentum. Ordinary falling lobs have downward momentum, which you would like to counter along side your hit. Get good at aiming these hits because they're going to be extremely dangerous clears/passes/shots.

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