RuneScape Developer Jagex Acquired for $530 Million

  • This turned out to be baseless rumour, Even though the Reddit community supposed Platinum for cheap OSRS gold a Fukong shell company at the moment. Now that it's under US possession, I guess we can put any conspiracy theories about information collecting that is Chinese and influence to break, eh? Now was a fantastic time for Fukong to market though, with Jagex riding high on a 2019 that saw a high of 1.1 million subscribers across the RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. This was also to Old School reaching eight million installs mobile since its October 2018 launching.

    RuneScape has just been bolstered by a new Archaeology expansion in March, including a new skill to RuneScape for first time in almost half a decade and kicking off a new wave of narrative content for gamers to pour over. Announcing those favorable characters in January, CEO Phil Mansell said,"We struck exciting landmarks, welcomed more members and players to RuneScape than at any point in their own 19-year history, attained significant success on cellular and watched remarkable industry talent linking our recognized teams to maneuver the future for our dwelling games. We're thrilled and deeply appreciate the dedication of our team and fans."

    Morning macarthur purchased Jagex through one of its own funds the business said Tuesday.Jagex will maintain its group of approximately 400 and headquarters in Cambridge, U.K. while currently operating as a subsidiary of Macarthur Fortune Holding,'' the business said in a statement.

    "The combined power of Macarthur Fortune and Jagex will both support and improve our strategic plan to deliver great gaming experiences to our communities of RuneScape players and also build on our portfolio with more living games for a worldwide audience," Jagex chief executive Phil Mansell said in a statement.

    By buying RuneScape's studio Macarthur Fortune gains a strong foothold in online multiplayer gaming, one of the fastest-growing segments of the global video games marketplace -- Jagex reports the free game has logged over 260 million player accounts and created over $1 billion in revenue since its launch 19 years ago. RuneScape can be available on mobile via the Old School RuneScape program for buy RS gold Android and iPhone.