Why is it that people play OSRS if they're just going to whine?

  • As someone who likes and appreciates every component of cheap RS gold I am growing tired of hearing people whine so much. "The graphics aren't good enough,""this skill takes too long to degree,""I am tired" Over and over. Why not play another game? Seriously why play OSRS simply to complain. OSRS is all about patience, appreciation, dedication, resilience and pleasure. I stopped playing RuneScape game because I really just did not get the enjoyment out if it. I'm not saying I loathed OSRS. It's really cool. But everytime I'd play with it was expressionless and impartial. It wasn't enjoyable but not terrible. It's like when you do math and it is easy and fun but just before the part where the simple math becomes dull, that is where OSRS is at for me.

    I just thought I would share my thoughts concerning RuneScape game. Pro-tip: Stay this off subreddit if you don't want your spirits dwindled. I, for one, thoroughly enjoy RuneScape game and actively stay current with it because of my pleasure. If I did not like RuneScape match, I would not be enjoying it nor would be on this subreddit. It baffles me the kind of individuals put themselves through with numerous games. Why the fuck are you currently playing and"putting countless hours and hours" into a game you don't even appreciate? It's beyond me.

    As someone who has played since release I dont actually see those complaints often by higher level players. Most seem to be inexperienced using RuneScape sport and quit soon after. Most of the complaints I visit revolve around the way Jagex is coming new content, or neglecting existing problems (Both of which happen to be legal concerns many times). The negativity is an inevitable side effect of having a community driven game, but you should be happy we've got a match where the devs (sometimes) hear us. I'm in the exact same boat. Playing since 2001 and I seldom see anybody who has entered end game content to whine a great deal about anything. Yes, there will be the problems we've with things, but for the most part, I really like RuneScape most of us playwith, even if it is a dream simulator from 2007.

    I'd say there is a difference between being at times crucial or wanting things from RuneScape game and complaining. Like if somebody mentions they would favor HD images and even they dislike the graphics, I'd say that's fine. Some players began in 2008 so the present style is less compared to RuneScape they'd recall, but OSRS is still way closer to that than RS3. It's also fine to complain about some abilities. Just like you get stuck grinding Runecrafting or even a lot fo Agility, complaining about that sounds reasonable although in the event that you would like to do an Elite Diary for the benefit for such or Slayer.

    I expect most players have regions of RuneScape game they dislike or at least don't enjoy. It is only that a lot of veterans learn to become indifferent to them to grind them out. Also, there are a few cases as an methods like the forthcoming one, Agility and instance. So there can be a difference between needing a skill to become quicker/easier and runescape 2007 gold wanting tactics to train the skill.