I spent Dofus kamas in assembles

  • How you counter this is by making your account wis that is full, with as small energy as you can, and Kamas Dofus Retro killing it asap. By slamming bloodbath or other Str spells Subsequently the sacrier solos the remainder. I do not know what dinosaurs you can farm quickly doing but that is no longer possible. Drhossil mobs, or snowfox/tears dinosaurs on frigost, or any f3/Sakai mobs with good gear. See what works and you would need to experiement a little. In case you've got a panda there's a lot more you can do for a quick level 190-200, like mobs that are fungas.

    But the fact doesn't change that fights are more and provide exactly the exact same xp since you are forced to bring a second character. That's unavoidable. Going this because you truly get bonus xp and it will become beneficial to pile characters, also may use group idols which unlocks possibilities. If you do not need to play leech characters, team of 4 can also farm dimension dungeons for xp that is quick too.

    Thanks to a well thought out response I went Omni Sac initially for its flexibility, being able to hit items for weakness is very handy and also makes switching gear and altering direction for builds simpler. My Sac wasn't made so that he had to take his weight for awhile before my Osa was just like 140 but following this upgrade it sounds winning fight is harder. I wanted remarks before I spent Dofus kamas in assembles or class changes. I forgot to say my Osa is 191 and my Sac 174.

    I'm using the dmg that is mirror as well as most the + mp for +% dmg and enemy idols. It gave me a decent score but in these conditions I could win fight with the modifications. My equipment is mediocre. I have never believed this group could have too much sustain to make use of so thanks for your insight, I just saw it with so on and religious leash particularly because a good deal of synergy. Sac or even my Osa wills alter to get Iop.

    The whole"going multi elements to exploit interrupts" mentality does not really work because the amount of harm you shed is greater than the damage you gain on average. Only 1/5 monsters you fight will have -withstand to your primary element (as there's 5 distinct resistances). You lose damage on another 4/5 monsters to gain damage vehicle, by going hybrid. So when you're doing like 4 times the harm to dofus kamas echo that monster because you're hybridvehicle, on average you still don't harm.