RS3 appears fun!

  • Gameplay and the graphics of buy RuneScape gold look very enticing, although I play OSRS! If I start a level I can get better get over the learning curve or should I play with on my first account? Starting a new account could be fun. There's a good deal of mechanisms you'll learn from figuring out where everything is and finishing the level material, as well as ports. Or continuing along with your initial account could allow you to jump into level content. Honestly it depends on how far that initial account has improved. I'd stick with that one if you've got even a few hundred mil gp or some 99's from the bank.

    Yesterday I came over from OSRS. Playing from 06 on my account that is first, and let me tell you.. It is a bit overwhelming at first.. But im beginning to get used to it. Do you enjoy it more? RuneScape looks like it'll be better for me since I now have a FT job. I personally think of them. But I am having. Its fine to take a break and play with another game. I'll be sticking to RS3 for a while atleast! And yeah, the reason I came as well is that I cba only getting xp rates I work.

    If your OG account is higher or foundation 70s I wouldn't make a new account but up to you. Could afk a fresh RS3 accounts as you play on your osrs account to create gp to swap into RS3. Is swapping between OSRS/RS3 something that Jagex allows? I am pretty new to RS3. You will not be banned but it's essentially a trust commerce, so use at your own risk. I have not used it just something do. A pal of mine swapped around 1b. If you receive the ideal swap service they are making money off of you so they don't have any motive.

    Definetly an issue of choice, always nice to find an OSRS RuneScape participant giving RS3 a go. If you would like to utilize your RS3 account tied to your OSRS accounts then it viable, might have a few additional unlocks with having previously achieved levels does help with EOC skills. If you would like to start new it will help with learning RuneScape and one I visit as it removes the mtx aspect of a normal account, is popular with OSRS moving to RS3 is mode. I don't usually bother using MTX aside from daily keys which are fine bonuses here and there but Ironman makes it that mtx isn't available on your account.

    1 thing I'll say whether you are picking up were you left off or starting would be to perform research. In game programs are rather good but there are more than a couple of helpful hints from coaching methods, Abilities, or useful Ironman tips and methods for products that are helpful. When coming from OSRS you can go into battle settings to generate your combat design be Legacy or Pre-EOC for some of the reduced level creatures to get a feel for some of the articles however as you progress further you'll definitely what to gradually learn EOC as it makes old content considerably quicker and makes it possible to runescape 2007 gold keep pace with the more recent content.