NBA2K is better than Madden

  • Going to offline tournaments, it's not possible to cheap mt nba 2k21 enjoy this for over season without controlling All 30 Teams. The AI is just to stupid to handle a Team properly. Neither are they able to build a Team where they dont have multiple superstars at the same Position while they have Borderline gleague players as starters at another Ranking. They are unable to signal 14 players until the conclusion of the offseason. Occasionally they move into the season with just 6 players under contracts. Most trade offers by the CPU make no sense for Either side. There are so many things which make it tough to enjoy NBA 2K20.

    This entire franchise is just a cash grab and they'll do anything to keep it that way. For instance even the codes are poorly done. They chose that one YTber to give a code out and he messed it up and the rest of the men who got a code to give out milked out the hell of it, had difficulties, or were not really sure what the code was for.

    In contrast Sea of Thieves has twitch drops going on right now and they provide a listing of streamers that you only have to watch for 30 min to get the drop. Only a little example of how their practices could easily improve if they put effort in. Hell, folks were mad Friday since there was no heads that there wasn't likely to be some new content in MyTeam. I think NBA2k20 is ok. I would give it a 6.8/10. It's good enough to the point where I can enjoy it for a long time. Myleague is amazing and I have a great time playing it. NBA2K is better than Madden. Even though 2K has it's flaws it is far better than Madden.

    Mycareer is not terrible. If you play with a good amount of games, you can get VC that is sufficient to upgrade your player a little. Myteam isn't the best. I sometimes play with it and it has its strengths. Locker codes are a great thing, but it's also kind of play to win. You can not really get a god group. There is no issue with having out of position players but having power forwards and centers being able to play at the guard spots isn't good. Where PF's and C's OOP cards may only become SF's 2K should have it -. NBA2K also can have some difficulties with animations, missing shots, and getting lights obstructed.

    Folks are 10x more likely than they are supposed to post about experiences that are positive to post and whine about something. If you consider it it's the same with product reviews on sites. Individuals complain and will scream about the tiniest inconveniences but will not speak about matters NBA 2K20 does. Because of this, the majority of the articles we see here and everywhere are negative and also force you to think NBA 2K20 is horrible. It's not that bad but there is a definitely regression concerning certain modes on NBA 2K20 in favor of bringing more to the park/rec. Their money maker is the park / rec and MyTeam packs so they have decided to Buy nba 2k21 mt coins go whole money grab on people and leave out the modes.