I had my expectations actual low for 2k21 on current gen

  • The real dealbreaker for mt nba 2k21 me is what they did to dribbling and post play. Before, it was intuitive while using the ideal stick to cross left, place it behind your back, and so on. Or if you're in the post, it was simple to make your man do a hook to left side of the basket or hit to other side and try to place one in (based on management you hold right rod ). Now? There appears to be no consistency with animations in the article and dribbling feels like this clunky, broken piece of shit where you can not really chain together any type of moves to get past a defender.

    Having the specific same issue from the article. And 5 matches is not cutting it to learning how to post hook together with the new meter. I disagree with your opinion on the dribble rod changes I think it feels even better today you can do crazy combos if you try it a little more. It's somewhat easier to pull the combos off now and not unintentionally doing a stupid shammgod and get plucked etc.. It is 2k20 with a broken shot meter, so no thank you, I will continue my MyGM on 2k19.

    I want to make a sf 6'7 maximum weight facilitating finisher using all the balanced rate, strength and vertical pie chart. How bad would this twist me? I understand no one actually knows how 2k21 will play but I imagine it would be similar to 20... how bad does it screw me in 2k20? Luka is that you? I was thinking a small amount of a lebron build but Luka works.

    I'm presuming this year it doesnt seem like there is likely to be a lot of big bulky assembles So I was wondering whether this is the same as 2k20 whats the minimal weight, height and inside people got away with protecting big guys? I've 30 defensive badges on the build I'm considering using. Are there only 5 matches for play now? What is the purpose? Folks could play with it forever and not purchase the game. How is that hard to comprehend? Since nobody would play now offline with only 4 groups for ever. They should at least do 10 or include slightly more teams. I know what your saying, but it is TOO restricted imo.

    Some things I noticed with all the demonstration. Assuming you get +5 to features. 6'9 is still the greatest height you can go while retaining 70 ball control, possibly with pure yellow, yellow/red, green/yellow. BP construct and Playlock was nerfed by lowering the driving dip. BP can get contacts at 6'6-6'7 with maximum arms should you get +5 in 99. Attribute to badge point allocation is still terrible. Based on the pie chart, you can have 5 shield bars full while just having 1 badge. This usually means that you need to spread your attributes to buy Nba 2k21 Mt the correct places.