I think could be faster then the glory to RuneScape

  • The minigame is fun but gets boring after a while, you do not really gain from it but you can purchase alter teleport tabs that could accelerate runecrafting abit. At 40 you should do natures, You should not use that method of travel it is extremly slow, the abyssal way is just 30 seconds to a minuite per excursion, or you could do the graahk procedure that's slightly faster but you want 59 summoning, or you may just run between the general shop and character alter and unnote the pure essence, or utilize the fairy rings, all of approaches I think could be faster then the glory to al kharid then reevaluate to natuer change, you could be appearing longer then 3 minuites per excursion.

    I have been looking at the market and zammorak armour looks as though its about to return again but now I dont believe it will go down much more should I ivest and purchase some armour to sell back when its greater? Also what other merchanting tips can you give me? Perfect question since I am merchanint zammy armor because we speak...

    Here is my suggestion: 1:purchase for 1.7m and sell for 1.8m ONLY once the graph is going down, otherwise you may eliminate money. 2: it takes about 6hours before you are able to buy/sell it, so put at the expansive exchange early in the morning so when you get home from school you'll be able to purchase then market again (then before you go to bed do it ). 3: you get around 100k from every moment, but dont buy things with that right away just in case you have to purchase the zammy for longer then you sold it for (trust meit occurs all of the time, and if it occurs, but for max price IMMEDIALTY before it climbs even more. . .so you dont invest yet another 130k lol).

    Hello men. I'm planning to do Dream Mentor and wish to know if my inventory/worn things are enough to kill the bosses. So what do you guys say? Can I have big problems or can it be worth a try. Please tell me if you recommend other products. Is a hally okay or do I have to buy a whip?

    If your combat level is good enough to kill Green dragons, then that IS the best method for 43 prayer. Kill themcollect the bones, then go to a gilded change or Ectofuntus (sp?) And use them there. You will need; Number Name Lvl XP, 502 significant Bones 1 60, 335 Zogre Bones 1 90, 251 Baby Dragon Bones 1 120, 151 Wyvern Bones 1 200, 105 Dragon Bones 1 288. Dude I managed to do it in your level you just have to understand what you're up against. This isn't a simple minigame but it is worth doing.

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