As soon as you begin to get right into RuneScape

  • If this if your first time, try and RuneScape gold use your rope onto the hole, the guy will speak with you and supply you with a map or something. After that's done, you can go down. Head south west, today if you are sporting this right equipment, you will not be assaulted. Keep going untill you reach the avainsies which range from levels 69-131. Do not assault the level 131! If you are a pure, turn your protect from selection, and start attacking. If you are a tank, start attacking. As soon as you begin to get right into it, at approximately 2-4 kills, you'll acquire adamant bars, pick up these and store them on your stock. You will find, that the pubs average out to around 1 each kill. Additionally, you will encounter along various levels of runes, pick up the blood runes, law runes and nature runes if you wish. Additionally, you will receive rune items such as rune dagger (p+) and runite limbs. That is where your alch comes in handy, simply high alch those and eventually you will find that a mass amount of coins will pile up. After about an hour or so, do a price check on your addy pubs, runes and cash, and you'll observe that you have a numerous quantity of money. Dont stop there though! Keep going untill you have enough cash. Leave and enjoy your hard earned Money. Alright smallest stats I would reccomend would be: Att: 70-75, Str: 99, Def: 80, Hp: would lvl because you train other people 85-90+ would be helpful. Prayer: 70Piety else keep as 43 (if you dont mind a few more cb levels then 95 for chaos ) Ranged: depending if you want to do sara/arma if so then 90+, Magic: 80. I know you said your gonna maintain summoning as 1, however, I would recommend that you train it up (it wont effect your pk-ing unless you use summoning familiars) Summoning levels: 52 - Terrorbird, holds 12 things (min. lvl imo). 67 - War tortoise, holds 18items (VERY good). 68 - Bunyip, the first healing recognizable value with, heals 2hp/15sec I understand it does not sound like much but it adds up). 69 - Fruit bat, create veggies to heal yourself. 79 - Titans, Very good quadrant, corrects 8hp per scroll + 12.5% def boost. 88 - Unicorn, would HIGHLY suggest that you get this if you wish to stay at gwd for extended times in a team/trio/duo/solo, heals 15 percent hp per scroll. For kbd, avainsies you would do nice tanking them together with b2p tabs but I would get a min of 65 range first (70-75+ perfered) Barrows you would be able to do now should you maged (Ice charms from ancients are very great ) For Kalphite queen you need to use a godsword/full veracs if melee-d and at a duo atleast. GWD, unless you maxed your stats (particularly 88summoning for unicorn) you'd need a small team to defeat the bosses more than one or two times a trip. Should you havn't been to gwd before then I would advise that you go at a mass first untill you get the hang of it. Heres the URL into Sals GWD cs mass that rs gold 2007 they do two excursions every Saturday/Sunday (depending upon your timezone). Good Luck.