How to Make EXP & Level Up Fast in PSO2

  • After starting Phantasy Star Online 2, you will earn your first several levels rather quickly, but Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta it's going slow down fast. As soon as you end up around level 30 or 40, you're going to be wondering exactly what to do to earn EXP the most economically. Before stressing too much about Experience, you should at least follow a few of ARKS Main Missions to get a lay of the property. You may see what these are by choosing ARKS Missions in the Quests menu, or simply by pressing on ESC/F1 and then Alter (you can also set you have hotkey.) These assignments will help you through fundamentals like Expeditions, equiping equipment, and more, so it is ideal to clear a number of them out first. At least up to this point where you're requested to start clearing Exploration Quests. No matter which manner you use to earn EXP, you'll want to be certain that you've got Experience Boosters set up. There are several resources of Expertise Boost to keep track of: Use a EXP Earned +XXpercent Consumable thing, that can be bought from other players at the Visiphone, made from Missions/Titles, or swapped for at the Photon Drop Exchange Shop located in the Shopping Place 2nd Floor, or bought in the AC (Cash) Shop. Perform in a Party! - Partying up with randoms could be frustrating, but in teaming up in a complete party of 4 provides a level +40percent EXP increase for all party members. This should at least be achieved for Urgent Quests. The Party Beacon may be utilized to group up with local players from the Quick Menu (Mouse Button 3 or F9). Particular quests will give a 5% bonus called'Daily Boost', which may stack up to 10 times for a maximum +50%. You are able to effectively'overcap' the limit up to 15 to buffer against the daily decay of this Daily Boost bonus. Those three are the essential techniques to make the most out of your earned EXP, but if you would like to go even further, there are a couple other things you can do: Shifta Drinks in the Gateway Ship Console or Medical Staff NPC have a prospect of giving an EXP +10% random effect, or EXP +15percent if utilizing the Shifta Drink Premium 2 having an energetic Premium Set. You can make an additional stacking Triboost result from watching Concerts when they happen in the Shopping Area. A Photonic Impact from your Alliances Photon Tree can be an additional increase to your EXP gains. We have already shown off Cofy and Marlu above, you need to always be certain you keep at the top of Client Orders for Cofy along with your Class NPC since they can help familiarize you with the types of quests you're going to do on a regular basis. You also need to be mindful of Hans and Lavere, two NPCs situated on opposite surfaces of the Gate Area 1st floor. These two will provide generic Client Orders requesting the player to defeat specific monsters or bosses in exchange for buy PSO2 Meseta (gold) and Experience.