It stinks that a ton of effort has to EVE echoes

  • Good point about eve echoes isk older orders. Oh yeah, I've a TODO to filter the seeded orders out of the orders to make the results better.It's really cool, thanks. However, additionally, it is so sad that this game has no API and people have to resort to crazy methods to waste data which will take so much less work for the game devs to expose through an API... I totally agree. It stinks that a ton of effort has to be put into obtaining the information. If they create an API, I would happily stop getting out the data myself, however I have not seen any plans for them to do so.And I figure you utilize a mixture of click automation and OCR to scrap this data (or you reverse engineered their network protocol and won EVE Echoes:p). Their protocol is simple, bypassing the encryption on the other hand is hopeless without messing with the game itself.Yeah for sure, one would have to hookup in the game. Nah, it is not SSL just, though it had been it would be easy, as you say;p They do not use HTTP, its a custom protocol. It utilizes ARC4 using a key that is randomly generated each connection having a crypto-safe random generator and exchanged with the server (encrypted using RSA). No real method of sniffing any information without breaking the ToS.Yeah, I hope they do not use HTTP haha. It would be the most stupid thing ever for a game. (for information, SSL and HTTP Aren't connected, for people reading, you can use ssl for tons of items ) Yeah I guess hooking into the game could be the simplest method of reverse engineering. But I guess they can detect it. However may be interesting.This is wonderful! Wonderful job.I hope they release api calls from echoes side so you are able to implement it easier. Assessing things several times a day manually... That's exhausting. Have you got an endpoint that publishes all request ids you have to match some item name? I discovered that every thing has an ID in your API but I'm fighting to notice them all.Right now I am using the item ids that the game uses. If you do some searching, I think you need to be able to locate a list of all of the thing ids. I might update the API to make this easier in the future, though.I've done some searching and I haven't discovered a list of item IDs outside in the wild or buy EVE Mobile ISK in whatever /u/eveechoesdata has printed. It would be amazing if someone could publish such a record!