I tried to visit Armadyl for RuneScape

  • I tried to visit Armadyl for the very first time, and RuneScape gold that I only got two kills until I ended up dying. All my hits just kept splashing. I moved to Waterfiends for the Triple Charms, and that I got 325 crime whereas Leaf got 800+ in the identical period of time. Granted he has a Steel titan and ascensions, but still, he's got double the amount of kills I got? I get to the start of the 3rd phase if I'm lucky. I know legacy's been nerfed, but I never see a hit above 400 anymore. Likewise, with the KBD, I have hit 800s while on a slayer job, but I can't appear to even scrape it.

    I've got a brand new notebook, but it is working much more flawlessly compared to my old one, therefore that shouldn't be why... So please, give me some suggestions as to what I should update, talk about your ability pubs, or any other information. Has something changed that I really don't know about? Thank you in advance! Is there some way to get the lower level variations of prayers after you level your prayer level enough to unlock the next tier?

    As you know, the Enlightenment aura has been released, and it's possible it will get a permanent substitute for incentive XP weekends. Now, I could benefit from this chance and accomplish one of my biggest goals - 200m in Summoning. Now, here's the problem: I would have to acquire a mean of 2k crimson charms per day, every day. This can't reasonably be done by slaying such as charms. Achieving this would require a massive amount of camping at waterfiends.

    I really do appreciate Slayer xp past 99. As such, camping waterfiends is not efficient since I don't get any Slayer xp while collecting charms. To put it into perspective, I would gain over 100k reddish charms if I chased my solution to 200m xp from the slayer skill. If I were to acquire 200m summoning right now without progressing my slayer xp, then when I start going for 200m slay then, all those potential charm drops become totally and completely useless.

    Knowing this, I'm still tempted to choose the inefficient path, and purely train summoning. If I camp waterfiends, I get better returns out of my bonus xp aura, meaning I want to collect less complete charms. When I slay for all my charms, I save a huge amount of time required to accumulate charms, but I will probably have to buy OSRS gold use my charms with no double XP active.