Moleskine Style Notebook-How To Take Notes?


    Even the best memories can be forgotten; the simple things can also be remembered, so the meaning of taking notes is very obvious:

    1. Record every bit of study and work.

    2. Sum up experience and experience and become your own "unique skill".

    3. Summarize the failed parts, save time and improve efficiency for later study.

    4. Record the inspiration in an instant. Inspiration, like opportunities, is fleeting.

    1. So, how to use the notebook?

    1. Carrier notebook

    The aircraft carrier notebook is used to record the main contents such as study and work, and is a notebook with a very high frequency of use. At the same time, it is also the main platform for carrying notebooks (post-it notes) and schedule books.

    2. Note notebook (post-it note)

    The main purpose of the notebook is to record temporary tasks and inspirations.

    3. Schedule notebook

    The schedule notebook is used to arrange the schedule, and it depends on it for eating, drinking, and drinking.

    Second, how to choose a notebook?

    1. Loose-leaf notebook

    The wild notebook can be used to integrate various scattered ideas and inspirations; it can be used to classify categories; it can also be used to add and delete.

    2. High-end notebook

    A high-end and high-end notebook can satisfy your pretentious heart, and also make you full of energy.

    3. Paper lines, etc.

    Hengge, checkered, blank, Cornell, colorful as you like.

    4. Post-it

    3. How to take notes?

    1. One page per topic

    2. Record and integrate in chronological order

    3. Date is easy to find

    4. Use different pens to distinguish content

    5. Paste original materials such as post-it notes

    6. Utilize storage bags and sticky notes

    4. Working method with notebook as a tool:

    1. The same principle

    Try to integrate the same thing, meeting, planning, etc. on one page, otherwise you may have procrastination. (Please refer to the past and present life about procrastination)

    2. Three phases for different records of different pens

    a. Event planning and planning stage

    b. Implementation phase of the event

    c. The final stage of the event

    3. 3W meeting record method

    Who (who), when (when), what (what)

    4. Use pens of different colors

    Pens of different colors record people or things of different colors, and then organize

    5. Cornell notation

    Left: Keywords

    Middle: Content

    Below: Main points, insights, etc.

    6. Take photos

    Too late to record or too much content can take a picture first, after the meeting to organize

    7. Post-it

    It is used to record your unbridled charm nowhere else! Sorry for your inspiration etc.

    8. Fragmentary time to think and record ideas

    There will always be time, right?

    5. Time management method using notebook as a tool

    Tools: paper notebook

    1. Work plan

    2. Various invitations

    3. Schedule management

    4. Various lists

    5. Arrange buffer time for temporary tasks

    6. Others

    6. Notes that match self-investment

    1. Self-investment

    Significance: Improve own value

    What the notebook records is the middle learning plan, summary, etc.

    2. Various textual research

    Record the purpose, application and plan of various examinations

    3. Reading notes

    Record what you see, collect and think, and turn it into your own

    4. Collect newspaper clippings, etc.

    Those who are interested can print them out and organize them into a notebook

    5. Record various experiences and unknowns

    Record what you have heard, thought, experience, etc., record the unknown, and go back to query and solve

    6. Organize contacts

    For example, the received business card can be put on a notebook page with a business card holder, or the business card can be briefed by photocopying to organize the business card.


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