As Long As Effective PvM

  • Your post is upvoted. Does that mean that you have a favorite opinion that's present in a subset of those players? Or if you seek out negativity does it mean, you are going to discover it. I will admit the subreddit is much more on the negative side, particularly lately (even Jagex admitted they're slacking on communication), but that is because it is chiefly dedicated players who really post here. It pushes away some new RuneScape gold players, but it is not the subreddit's task to recruit new players. It's to voice our opinions. Locating a clan makes it rewarding. A good deal of the folks complaining that I've seen frequently stem from a place of needing RuneScape to be better. I'm happy to hear that you have enjoyed yourselves. I really do have a query, to not be negative, but to help me understand your point of view, so that I will keep it in your mind when helping players. What's the most confusing/frustrating matter as new players? I'm not OP, but I've been thinking about this some recently and wanted to throw my thoughts into the ring. I have been exploring PvM. A good deal of guides and materials concentrate their content with older accounts. This isn't inherently a problem, but I have had a hard time finding guides on what the recommended lower levels to begin things are. Then at precisely the exact same time, I see streamers beating Araxxi in a set of Adamant armor. I guess my point is that guides seem to be common. Everything you have said in this post is true. I'm also pleasantly surprised to hear that as individuals who quit a long time ago, you made a decision to return to rs3 gold instead of OSRS. The best thing you can do to yourself whether you want to enjoy RuneScape and its community is to feign this subreddit does not exist. There are a lot of opinions and players locally and they all seem to hang out here. I discovered that the time I spend on the subreddit, the more I like RuneScape.