EVE Fanfest Has Been Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

  • I'm a casual carebare and don't know the mechanics of how this EVE Echoes ISK will all work out but I just lost my caracal whilst performing an anomaly in nulsec by two players. Theres plenty of risk.I think all people are asking is for travel to be a task where people aren't staring at their telephones for 40 minutes. After within nulsec sure high risk, blah blah blah bullshit. Getting there as it takes as long on cellular and having the ability to be attacked is dumb.

    I have written a post talking an option, it is about the subreddit should you want additional information. In a nutshell, create an alternative where ships may travel freely, without danger around the bunch but punish this danger free alternative with longer travel times. So, you won't have to stare at your telephone for 40 minutes but it might require 80 or 160 minutes to perform the identical trip instead.

    Or you could just actually make it for a cellular game. It isn't supposed to be a full EO experience. Like seriously. Make it so that you may be assaulted when you reconnect and it is fine.And Buy EVE Echoes ISK increasing time that much is restrictive in many other respects, the traveling already takes a time as it is. This is a portable game, maybe not EO. It needs to be viewed through that lens.