Actually They Said We Are Getting Bubbles

  • When did devs say afk travel would be completely safe? I am curious, since if they did say that then secure autopilot couldn't have been a bug.It's not just about afk travel. That comes with EVE Echoes Items a consequence of being secure, especially if you chose"choose safer" that's supposed to prevent 0.4 and reduced. It does not always (due to bugs) and can't always (because of a high sec systems being surrounded by low sec).

    They did. It had been something we pressed for in beta, this is a measure backwards.Don't see a Dev response in there stating any of their aims though.It does cover half the claim tho, you can definitely find lots of older threads covering the afk aspects.Haven't tried digging for something out of the devs side of stuff, but with all the things that appear lost in translation relating to this game I would not be surprised.You understand, in the event that you actually could offer evidence for that, it would put the entire discussion to rest as to exactly what should happen next. Something tells me that you can not supply that because they never mentioned it.

    I misunderstood I believe.What we fought for and got executed was offline itself. That works fine, so I've got no issue with watching my screen while I make the leap from null to lowsec. Changing to a traveling match is not unreasonable either.Once they fix gate guns you'll be secure in reduced sec for travel.

    These EO gamers who are shitting on those who wanted a light weight version of the sport are just here playing Buy EVE Echoes ISK since they could not cut it on the entire PC version... they couldn't flex there.. lmao... poor suckers.... Now they have the mobile variant to try and bend.... How lame and sad for these lamo individuals...