Then How Will They Ever Learn How To Generate

  • ADs really difficult to construct - I made a 6'9 Glass Cleaning Finisher using slasher takeover and maxed shooting, so it told me that NBA 2K21 MT my build is much like AD but he can't shoot out consistently such as AD but the shield and interior game is very similar to AD. Or you could do like the OP said and make a glass shot but then will absence on inside match. There's no perfect construct for him but will have to pick between red with either completing, shooting, or playmaking and try to balance him according to your preferred play style.

    Why would you ever put points into free throw?

    No problem. Those points can get you a few extra badges somewhere rather than using them at a futile stat. I really don't place a single point in throw. Even on my pure shooting build I don't put any in free throw even to the badges because it's only a waste of points and I hit the FT's. So essentially rather devote those 15-20 points . I get only 1 shooting badge cause I dont concentrate on it whatsoever. . Cheers for your opinion partner!

    I know everyone likes ball handling, but if you play with a team with a fantastic point guard, I think you should just give up ball managing and add your shooting up stats. If you're open, your guard will discover and bangMainly cause I drive a lot to the rim and get around 6-7 freethrows per match in rec.way money anyhow.

    I've bought every How to get mt in nba 2k21 because the initial one on Dreamcast. I have the physical current gen Mamba Edition pre-ordered from Best Buy because I want the steelbook case that it comes with. I will not be enjoying a lot of the current gen version but I wind up saving $10 on the next gen version since I was likely gonna buy 200k VC anyway. Sucks that all the Kobe MyPLAYER gear won't move though.