Office Wardrobe-How To Buy A Wardrobe?



    For friends who are decorating their homes, how should they choose a wardrobe? Can be compared from the following aspects:

    1. Make less shelves and more racks. Because the area of ​​the wardrobe is calculated according to the three-dimensional area, the calculation method of the laminate is the total area of ​​the five sides. If you make more laminates, the price may be very expensive. It is reported that more consumers now choose to make more clothes rails, one is practical and the other is more cost-effective.

    2. Quality. Smell, no matter how new the good material is, there is no pungent smell; whether the edge sealing is smooth, delicate, and strong adhesion; whether the hardware accessories are marked with their own brand anti-counterfeiting logo.

    3. The non-standard combination method is more expensive than the standard. Because the standard combination has been streamlined, if you want to make a special order, the price is more expensive.

    4. Whether the cabinet door varieties and materials are rich and diverse. Different consumption concepts correspond to different color hobbies. The materials available for making sliding doors on the market mainly include wooden boards, glass, mirrors and other special materials. Colors include beech, cherry, maple, maple, oak, black walnut, and white pine. Powerful manufacturers, such as French Sofia and Fulu, can provide nearly 20 kinds of wood patterns. Some manufacturers have also introduced new "one-plate, two-color" plates, similar to the "color shell free change" function of fashionable mobile phones.

    5. Whether the thickness of the cabinet door panel is full and thick, and whether the height is sufficient. For the sliding door, it is best to choose 10mm or 12mm thick plate, which is strong, stable and durable; the slightly worse will choose 8mm thick, which is relatively thin and frivolous. The height of the door panel determines whether it can be renovated to the ceiling. The height of a single board is more than 2.8 meters, up to the ceiling.

    6. Whether the color of the cabinet door and the frame are consistent and unified. The borders and door panels of branded wardrobe cabinet doors come from the same manufacturer, and the color patterns can be completely consistent and the matching is unified. The miscellaneous brand wardrobes are often patched together, and only plates and frames with similar patterns can be found, but they cannot be completely consistent.

    7. Whether the wheels are smooth, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, safe and reliable. The pulley of the brand wardrobe is generally made of carbon fiberglass (new high-tech material), with balls inside, with a non-drying lubricating ester, so it can be easily pushed and pulled, smooth and flexible, and has a large load bearing capacity, and is not resistant to pressure or wear. Deformation, such as the new standard, Sofia and other brands. The pulley guide rail is the core technical part of the sliding door and must be selected carefully.

    8. Whether the cabinet is professional and the design is scientific and fashionable. Popular fashionable wardrobe cabinet, the design is very scientific and reasonable. Often, according to the principle of "turning to zero", several different sub-counters have been developed, which can be freely combined when ordered. In addition, the drawers and movable shelves can also be freely increased or decreased, the height can be adjusted at will, and the self-style is displayed, showing the unique personality and winning the love of the DIY family.

    9. Whether the accessories of the wardrobe are complete and whether it can provide convenient and comfortable supporting functions. Many wardrobe manufacturers have launched practical and beautiful accessories, such as sliding mirrors, lattice racks, trouser racks, fashion drawers, pull baskets, L racks, TV racks, CD racks, wooden hangers, etc. In this regard, Sofia France is the first manufacturer in the Chinese wardrobe market to launch many suitable accessories, providing great convenience for consumers in their daily lives.

    10. Whether to choose green environmental protection materials. The artificial board (fiberboard, particle board, plywood) used to make furniture nowadays, because the adhesive with formaldehyde is used in the production process of the board, it is inevitable to contain formaldehyde in the finished furniture. If the formaldehyde content of the cabinet door or cabinet material of the wardrobe is too high, it will definitely cause adverse effects on the user's health. According to the national standard, E1≤1.5mg/L, E2≤5.0mg/L.

    11. Do you have a professional factory? In order to guarantee production, most of the brand wardrobes have professional factories, modern machinery and equipment, assembly line production, and on-site installation. Completely avoid the inconvenience that decoration companies make on-site production to consumers. Moreover, the dimensional data of the product is accurate and the structure is rigorous, giving people an overall sense of beauty.

    12. How about after-sales service? As an important part of furniture, wardrobe is closely related to people's daily life. Therefore, the manufacturer's good reputation and high-quality after-sales service are very important. When ordering, we must first understand how long the warranty period is. The general requirement is not less than 5 years (minimum must be more than 3 years). In addition, can you provide timely and fast maintenance services when you encounter problems with use? After the wardrobe is installed, the manufacturer will generally issue a warranty card. The warranty period of the general manufacturer is 3-5 years.

    13. It is best to choose branded wardrobe products that are satisfactory to consumers and have a high degree of market awareness.
    The wardrobe enterprises have made great progress, and the wardrobe brands have also continued to mature, such as some foreign brands such as Danish style and Comando. However, domestic brands are also good. For example, the national certification authority has a drafting unit for the wardrobe industry standard, an excellent brand in China's household industry, and the Shihuan logo. Their product quality and after-sales service can be well recognized by market consumers. Brand wardrobes such as Xinbiao and Sofia are more easily accepted by consumers.

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