Single Metal Bed Price-Matters Related To Wrought Iron Bed


    1. Style and color: The wrought iron bed pays more attention to the performance of the shape. The colors and lines will be more abundant than those of other materials. Therefore, the choice range is relatively wide. Consumers can choose according to their own preferences, similar to the overall style of home decoration The style of the iron bed is relatively small due to the material. It is generally black, bronze and bright. Consumers can choose the iron bed product that matches the color of the room according to their preferences.

    2. Materials and processing technology: The basic materials of the iron bed are divided into casting and forging. The casting materials are heavy and fragile, but the hardness is stronger; the forging material is flexible, moderate in strength, and has a more glossy appearance. It is recommended that you choose Purchase iron bed for forging materials. In addition, the wall thickness of the forged material is the key. The thicker the wall, the better the quality. There are generally two types of paint treatment for iron bed: baking paint and spray paint. Consumers are advised to buy environmentally friendly and healthy baking paint as much as possible.

    3. Installation: We know that the bed is composed of three parts: bed head, bed foot and bed board. The joints and fasteners at the head and foot are the key to the quality of the iron bed. Consumers should shake the already installed sample bed when purchasing a wrought iron bed. The sturdy and strong fixed bed is of high quality.


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