Single Bed Factory-Furniture Bed Selection Note

    1. base
      The secret of a good bed lies first with the bed base, so how to identify the merits of the bed base? The first thing to note is the quality of the bed board. When you open the mattress, we will see the wooden bed board. If the bed board is a thin board instead of a multi-layer board, the quality of the bed is obviously not high. It is made of multi-layer orthopedic board and wire spring. The bed has a heavy texture without any noise and belongs to a high-quality bed foundation.



    1. Pad
      The safe and durable bed foundation can not fully guarantee a comfortable sleep. Only by combining the bed foundation with the mattress can we create the most perfect bed and the best way to rest. Pay attention to the following two points when choosing a mattress :
      A. Elasticity and hardness: Everyone has different sleeping habits, so the softness and rigidity requirements of the mattress are also different. A good bed can automatically adjust the elasticity according to the change of sleeping posture. Therefore, when purchasing, you should choose according to your sleeping habits. Try lying down in various postures, if you can feel comfortable, you can achieve the best sleep condition;
    2. Size: The length and width of the mattress should be enough, because everyone will turn over when sleeping, and leave enough space for people to turn freely. The length of the mattress should be at least 15 centimeters plus personal height. Reserve space for pillows to reduce the pressure during sleep. Those who are too tall are advised to buy an extended mattress.




    1. Height
      The bed used by contemporary people actually includes two parts: bed frame and mattress. The latest trend has four requirements for beds. The first is to be stable, not to feel a wobbly sleep. Secondly, the styling should be concise, and the bed with straight lines is more in line with consumers' buying ideas. Third, the area of ​​the bed head has a tendency to increase, and characteristics must be made. As a furniture designer, for furniture such as beds, the best link is placed on the head of the bed. Fourth, the height of the bed is reduced. Many mattresses are only 20 cm, while the height of traditional beds is 40 cm.



    1. Size
      If space permits, the bed should be as large as possible. The ideal double bed size is 160 cm * 200 cm (standard double bed size is 135 cm * 195 cm).




    1. Mattress size
      The double bed is divided into standard double bed and extra large double bed. Standard double bed mattress size is generally
      150cm*190cm, the same as 120cm*190cm mattress, some manufacturers will mark it as 150*200, and actually have a tolerance of about 5CM. Such mattresses should generally be equipped with bed sheets ranging from 230 cm*250 cm to 250 cm*250 cm, depending on the height of the bed. The higher the bed, the larger the bed sheet size required.



    The size of the enlarged double bed is generally 180 cm * 200 cm, and the matching quilt cover or bed sheet is generally 200 cm * 230 cm or 220 cm * 240 cm. The size of the quilt core is the same as the quilt cover or the length and width are less than 20 cm. Generally, the specifications of each set of the specific kit will be indicated on the packaging of the brand bedding, you can refer to it. Sheets generally need to be 240 cm * 250 cm ~ 265 cm * 250 cm in size.




    1. Placement
      Regarding the position of the bed, many designers believe that the bed should always face the room. There are bedside tables and lamps on either side of the bed; it is best not to lean against the wall because the bed is difficult to make and it will leave marks on the wall over time. After you have decided on the location, style and color of the bed, the rest of the bedroom design will unfold.

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