Household Wardrobe -The Purchase Details Of The Wardrobe


    Wardrobe is a large piece of furniture that every household must have. It is usually used to place clothes and storage. Buying a wardrobe and choosing a wardrobe must make many people feel a headache again. It is everyone's wish to choose a wardrobe that is practical and beautiful, and of good quality. So, how to choose a wardrobe for friends who are decorating their homes? Hangzhou Dingli Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. explained:

    1. Look at the board first. Professional manufacturers choose environmentally friendly panels that meet national testing standards, while some manufacturers choose inferior panels that pose a serious threat to human health. Therefore, when buying a wardrobe, the first thing you should look at is whether there is a board inspection report and related inspection certificates.

    2. Look at the veneer of the board. The surface looks pretty good, however, you can make obvious scratches with a light stroke of your fingernail. These wardrobes use polystyrene paper and gorgeous paper sheets on the surface, which have poor wear resistance. Professional manufacturers use environmentally friendly melamine veneers treated with high temperature and high pressure, which are abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant. 

    3. Look at the sheet edge banding. Professional manufacturers use precision panel saws to cut the panels, and after sealing the edges, they can effectively prevent moisture in the air from entering the interior of the panels. Some manufacturers do not have professional equipment, cut rough, and only do edge sealing on the side seen from the front of the board. The edgeless surface is easy to absorb moisture in the air, which will cause deformation of the wardrobe and affect the service life.

    4. See the processing method. Professional manufacturers use professional automatic edge banding machines, and the auxiliary materials used in the production process are all environmentally friendly. Some manufacturers, without professional processing equipment, use ordinary universal glue to seal the edges manually, which is easy to drum and fall off. The benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances contained in this glue seriously exceed the standard, posing a potential threat to human health.

    5. Look at the backplane structure. Professional manufacturers use a backplane with a thickness of 5mm or more, melamine veneer, and a grooved reverse leather overlap structure to prevent the backplane from directly contacting the wall from absorbing moisture on the wall. Some brands have thin back panels and are connected by nailed back panels. The back panel is in direct contact with the wall. The moisture on the wall is easily absorbed by the panel, which is prone to dampness, mold, and deformation, making the cabinet lose its seal. Sex.

    6. See if it is customized for professional home furnishing. Brand wardrobes are all professionally produced. The functional parts (drawers, trouser racks, tie trays, etc.) are all standard designs. The width, depth, and height are all standard. At the same time, in order to meet the individual needs of customers, we also provide customized quality assurance , And in line with the concept of professional custom home furnishing.

    7. Look at hardware accessories. Professional manufacturers use famous factory accessories and quality assurance. Accessories are often hidden, and it is difficult for consumers to identify them, so push and pull them carefully. Accessories are an important element of wardrobes, bookcases and sliding doors, and are important indicators to ensure the comfort and durability of household products.

    8. Look at the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting signs and services. Professional manufacturers have obvious manufacturer anti-counterfeiting marks on the wardrobe edge bands, cabinet door profiles, pulleys, and even sheet veneers. The quality and maintenance are guaranteed, and consumers can use them with confidence.

    9. Look at the matching and systematicness of furniture. A professional panel furniture manufacturer can not only make wardrobes, cloakrooms, bookcases, but also provide system home accessories such as shoe cabinets, wine cabinets, beds, dressing tables, bedside cabinets and rotating hangers. The overall coordinated design saves consumers the trouble of rushing and patching together. And the panel is uniform, the color is coordinated, the style is matched, and the furniture is highly integrated.

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