File Storage Cabinet -List Of File Cabinet Types

  • No matter what industry you are in, your company may need some storage space. The business world is starting to put more documents and files online, but this does not mean that they have disappeared. Fortunately, today, office managers and employees have many options to organize documents in the way that suits them best.

    Check out some different types of file storage cabinets to see if there is a cabinet that fits your unique office needs.

    1. Vertical filing cabinet
      A vertical file cabinet is the name of a standard file system that you can find in most offices. For some reason, they have always been a must for global offices-thanks to their vertical design, they are strong and take up little space. If you are in a smaller office or have limited space, a vertical filing cabinet may be ideal for you.

    In addition, if you need more space soon, you can easily buy one or more cabinets without having to accommodate large metal file cabinets.

    1. Horizontal file cabinet

    The service requirements for horizontal file cabinets are similar to vertical file cabinets, but horizontal file cabinets are very wide and therefore take up more space. If you have room for one of these types of file cabinets, then they are a big investment because they can hold more than twice the number of traditional vertical file cabinets.

    One of the disadvantages here is that their width makes them more difficult to place in the office. You will need a dedicated space to store these cabinets, and it is difficult to decide when to buy another group. Instead, it is a good way to keep more files next to each other than to spread the files among several smaller file cabinets.

    1. Vertical file cabinet
      Need something shorter to fit a cubicle or small office space? Then, the base file cabinet may be the solution you are looking for. These cabinets are suitable to be placed under the table, usually sit down as part of an office cubicle. Different options provide a top drawer for office supplies and a larger file drawer below.


    1. Rolling File Cabinet
      Rolling file cabinets are similar to pedestal file cabinets because they are smaller in size and can be placed under the table, but they are on wheels. Files can be easily moved or rearranged in the office.
    2. Locker
      The lockers are designed with openable shelves to store various items to ensure the safety of the office. The office manager can lock or open it based on the content. In addition, they are ideal for storage because they can be easily customized to fit various object sizes.
    3. Fireproof filing cabinet
      Although we hope that fire problems will never be encountered, there is always such a possibility. Fireproof filing cabinets are thicker and stronger, and can keep any files inside in the event of a fire or flood. For enterprises that cannot replace sensitive documents, fireproof filing cabinets must be provided.


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