Dingli, a professional furniture customization factory


    With the increasing popularity of modern computers and the rise of careers such as anchors, consumers' demand for gaming chairs is increasing. So if you are buying gaming chairs, which brand is better? Where can I buy more reliably?

    Dingli, a professional furniture customization factory, has won the favor of market consumers with years of brand accumulation, and provides market consumers with cost-effective and guaranteed gaming chair products.

    1.Feature of product

    The first layer of cowhide, the second layer of cowhide, high-quality imitation leather and other materials are available. This gaming chair can meet the needs of guests at different price levels while ensuring a soft and comfortable feel. High-density sponge is integrally formed with high resilience. The large-diameter stainless steel hanger material makes the support stronger.

    2.Design highlights

    This gaming chair is made of high-quality real cowhide and imitation leather. It has a delicate and soft feel, and is more skin-friendly, wear-resistant, and resistant to pulling, ensuring that it is not stuffy and hot. Use high-density sponge to form one piece, with high resilience, stronger support for body contours, and a comfortable and healthy sitting experience. Equipped with large-diameter stainless steel hanger material, the support is more firm and stable.

    3.Functional advantage

    This gaming chair uses a multi-functional adjustable frog drag adjuster design to meet the needs of different postures, supports reclining and 360° free rotation, and can be operated at multiple angles. Built-in 4-stage gas rod to ensure safety and reliability at all times. The bottom is equipped with a high-load-bearing aluminum alloy five-star foot design, which is more stable and safe, and is equipped with large-diameter silent racing wheels to prevent scratches on the floor.

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