Dingli explained the problems caused by the network cabinet


    Dingli will briefly explain some of the more common problems of network rack cabinet:

    1. The appearance is messy, the consistency is poor, the wiring is messy, and the layout is crowded.

    2. Products from different suppliers arrive in batches, with a long on-site assembly cycle and long delivery time.

    3. High energy consumption, no channel sealing, civil air conditioning, low integration, and large floor space.

    4. On-site assembly, difficult to control, and poor reliability.


    1. Modular components, neat and beautiful appearance, strong consistency, wireless communication, reducing a large number of dotted cables.

    2. Integrated pre-integration, no on-site assembly of components, simple cabinets, and the construction cycle only takes 4 hours.

    3. DC frequency conversion refrigeration, energy saving, sealed channel, highly integrated, saving space.

    4. Multi-site network centralized monitoring and unified management.

    5. Redundant design of components, arbitrary configuration of levels.

    6. When the air conditioner is powered off or malfunctions, the emergency fan is automatically activated to delay the passage from overheating and reserve time for data backup.

    7. When the battery is overheated, the power will be cut off intelligently, and the bad battery will be detected and maintained in time to prevent fire.

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