The filing cabinet is a kind of office furniture series


    File cabinets belong to a series of office furniture, which are used by government units, enterprises, banks and other institutions to save file data. Traditional filing cabinets are expensive and occupy a large effective space in the warehouse. The storage capacity per unit area is small, and the access to files relies on manual registration, signing, and searching. Files are stored at random, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive to manage.

    Different from traditional filing cabinets, the smart filing cabinets developed and produced by Dingli adopt new intelligent identification technology and are equipped with multiple data management systems on the line, which can effectively collect, save and call various operating data.

    The files stored in the cabinet are all pasted with identification labels, such as QR codes or barcodes. The administrator can simply check the location of the relevant data through the computer, which effectively improves the efficiency of various management tasks; to protect the cabinet The safety of items is also equipped with an intelligent alarm system. When in illegal use, the system will automatically alarm to ensure the safety of items in the cabinet.

    The intelligent filing cabinet system has the advantages of standardized inventory file management, real-time monitoring of cabinet status, and high accuracy of real-time inventory. The use of smart filing cabinets makes the file management of each unit easier and faster, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff.

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