The characteristics of the bed and buying knowledge


    The main structure of the upper and lower bed uses wood (including wood-based panels) as the board surface base material and steel as the skeleton base material. It is a new furniture product made in my country since the 1950s.

    "Steel wood" is a non-combustible synthetic material, and the bunk beds made of it are widely used in schools, enterprises and other places. It's just that the ones sold for household use in the market are much better than them. Many "steel and wood furniture" nowadays are "steel pipe and steel wood" or mixed with other materials-such as "steel wood soft sofa".

    The characteristics of getting on and off the bed: simple combination of steel and wood, simple geometric structure and simple color expression, expressing the simplicity of getting on and off the bed.

    The upper and lower beds use steel as the skeleton base material and wood as the board surface base material. The two base materials are used in combination.

    The metal surface treatment of the upper and lower beds includes nickel plating, chrome plating, imitation gold plating, electrostatic spraying, plastic powder spraying, etc. When purchasing, check the surface of the upper and lower beds to see if the plating is smooth and shiny, and whether there is any welding. The phenomenon of solder leakage, whether the paint film of the electrostatic paint product is full and uniform, or whether there is blistering.

    Also carefully observe whether there are rust marks on the weld, whether the metal frame is vertical; whether there is damage in a bend, whether the rivet is bent or not secure, especially whether the finger points of the stressed part are firm.

    If there are no problems with the above inspections, you can buy with confidence.

    For details, please contact: metal bed company.