What are the advantages and disadvantages of bed frame and box


    Advantages of box bed: The box bed is more scientific and reasonable in terms of practicability and space rationality. It plays a very important function for most modern small-sized family storage. The box bed is designed and utilized by the reasonable design and utilization of the space under the bed. To a large extent, the storage function of the entire space has been increased. The simple design maximizes and hides the storage space.

    Disadvantages of box bed: The floor-standing box bed greatly increases the storage function of the bed. Due to the floor-standing design of the box body, the ventilation of the bed is not good, and there is some moisture inside. If ventilation is added In poor conditions, moisture will invade into the body from bottom to top, which is not good for human health, especially for people suffering from waist and leg pain. It is not suitable to use a box bed in a family that uses floor heating, so that the hot air is not easy to radiate, and long-term heating will seriously affect the life of the bed.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the canopy bed: The design of the canopy bed draws on the traditional Chinese bed style. The preservation of the carving skills makes it have a strong cultural heritage and decorative effect, and its aesthetics is much higher than that of the box bed. The canopy bed is stable and reasonable in structural design, and will not loosen after long-term use. The exquisite carving and exquisite structure of the canopy bed give people a comfortable visual enjoyment, which can not be ignored for the visual enhancement of the entire space, but its storage function is far less than that of the box bed.

    The choice of bed: a bed for highly contemporary people actually includes two parts: a bed frame and a mattress. The latest trends have roughly four requirements for beds.

    1. Stable, can't feel shaking when going to bed.

    2. Beds with simple shapes and straight lines are more in line with consumers' purchasing ideas.

    3. The area of ​​the headboard of the bed has a tendency to increase, and it needs to be distinctive. As a furniture designer, I put the best part of the bed on the head of the bed.

    4. The height of the bed has been reduced. After adding the mattress, many are only 20 cm, while the height of the traditional bed is 40 cm. If you want to sleep comfortably, the mattress is the key point.

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