Computer desks and chairs should sit comfortably

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    A computer is a special kind of electrical appliance. It is different from TVs and stereos in that people must always operate at close range when using it. Therefore, there are specific requirements for the height of the computer and the position of the keyboard and mouse. Most ordinary furniture is not Meet the criteria. As the saying goes, "a good horse is equipped with a good saddle", choosing a suitable computer desk can make you relaxed and comfortable when operating, and the computer desk improves work efficiency.

    The height of the working surface is an important factor that affects the human sitting posture. The too high or low working surface is not good for human health. Faced with users of different heights, if everyone feels that the height of the working surface is more appropriate, the height of the keyboard tray cannot be uniform, but must be adjustable. In particular, it should be noted that computer desks designed according to the height of adults are obviously too high when used by elementary and middle school students.

    The keyboard tray can be adjusted in two ways. One is the synchronization adjustment of the desktop and the keyboard tray; the other is that the height of the desktop remains unchanged, and only the height of the keyboard tray is adjusted. It should be noted that the range of this adjustment is very wide. Limited, because the height difference between the desktop and the keyboard tray cannot be made too large, otherwise the position of the monitor will be too high. It should also be mentioned that the height-adjustable seat with backrest should be used in conjunction with the height adjustment of the working surface.

    When using the keyboard, people support their palms on the keyboard tray and operate them with their fingers. At this time, people’s upper limbs are in the posture of hanging elbows, and the upper arms and forearms need to be stretched forward and maintained at a certain angle. I had to shrug my shoulders and force, so that people could not be in a natural state of relaxation, but were in a state of static force for a long time, causing muscle fatigue, pain, and strain on the neck, shoulders, back, waist and wrists.

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