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    There are many uses of air compressors on the farm, you may want to consider buying two to meet your farm needs. This list provides many ideas and options for anyone who runs a home or small farm. As time goes by, and you expand your farming operations to different areas of livestock or crop production, you may find that air compressors have more uses, but here are some common air compressor uses on farms:

    1. Pneumatic tire
    Most small farms have not only cars and trucks, but also small vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles. Although all off-road vehicle tires are very durable, for safety reasons, you still need to inflate them to the appropriate PSI. Having your own air compressor makes it easier and faster to keep your tires inflated. After the tires are inflated to the correct PSI, you can keep all agricultural trucks and vehicles in good working condition.

    2. Trailer tires
    Anyone who owns livestock also tends to own a livestock trailer. These trailers are essential for transporting livestock to the market, bringing new animals or moving animals over long distances. If the local veterinarian can’t call the farmer, the trailer is also important to bring sick animals to your veterinarian. Keeping the tires inflated on the trailer means that you will always be ready for an emergency trip or any trip. Many farmers find that preparing trailers can mean saving or losing inventory. You will never know when the trailer is needed.

    3. Pneumatic nail gun
    Farmers tend to "do it yourself" type. Many people build their own outbuildings, chicken coops, run-in sheds, mechanical workshops, etc. Pneumatic nail guns make it easy to build structures quickly. Pneumatic nail guns rely on compressed air to shoot nails into the material with great force. Framing, finishing and many other types of pneumatic nail guns can be used for farm work with common air compressors.

    Whether you want to build a new stall door to replace the horse being kicked, or add a new chicken coop on the farm, using an air compressor nailing gun can make this task fast and simple. Most air guns can be used with smaller air compressors, but check the nail gun's manual to make sure it is compatible with the compressor's available air pressure.

    4. Pneumatic stapler
    Like pneumatic air guns, pneumatic nail guns that run on air compressors also make many farm chores easy. If you have ever worn a barbed wire fence from one post to another, then you know that adding heavy-duty staples to hold the fence in place can be tiring and requires a lot of work.

    The pneumatic stapler running from your air compressor can make the task a lot less troublesome. Pneumatic staplers can also be used to paste roofing paper and roofing boards to outbuildings, barns and sheds. They can also repair the interior of agricultural vehicles such as trucks by running a pneumatic stapler connected to an air compressor to bind vinyl in place on the seat.

    5. Painting
    Of course, you can paint houses, garages, sheds, barns and outbuildings with old-fashioned paint using a brush or roller. However, the gun fixed to your air compressor can make work faster. The spray gun provides a uniform flow of paint that can drip on wood without dripping or messing up. Paint drips form a smooth coating on most surfaces.

    They can also greatly reduce the time for painting ordinary buildings, which is another benefit for busy farmers or homeowners. If you ever needed to paint on a few acres of post and rail fences, then you know that using a paint gun can really come in handy.

    6. Cleaning equipment
    Compressed air can be used to clean equipment, but OSHA warns against using it to clean clothes or skin. It is recommended that you first try to clean the equipment with a brush or other manual equipment, and only use compressed air when all other methods are ineffective.

    Use compressed air in a well-ventilated area and always wear protective glasses and protective clothing. Blow the air away and make sure the air hose is firmly fixed to prevent the air from tangling or accidentally injuring others. You can use low setting compressed air to clean truck tires, trailers and other heavy equipment.

    7. Weeding
    The farmer is indeed an innovative group. An apricot farmer in Minnesota has been experimenting with killing them by using apricot pits pressed into the ground by air pressure against weeds. Grinded stone fruit pits, walnut shells or other natural objects can be made into powder. When pressure is applied under high pressure, weeds in the field can be peeled off.


    Other gritty materials being tested include corn gluten flour, which is a natural herbicide often used on organic farms. By spraying coarse powder under high pressure, weeds can be eliminated while feeding the soil. Researchers who invented this unique method of using compressed air on the farm are still studying different crops and materials to understand which crop is best for weeding. Although this technology is still under development, it only shows that air pressure can be used for many purposes other than farm tools.

    8. Dairy farm
    Uses for air compression airports include dairy farms. A dairy farm is one of labor-intensive agricultural activities, and anyone with cows, goats, or sheep will prove that this may be a heavy labor. New equipment using air compressors can power the milking machine, such as the milking claw separation device.

    Air compressors are also used to power the flushing system, which cleans animal feces from the milking parlor to keep it clean. Compressed air can also be used with milking systems to create a vacuum suction on the milking machine itself, thereby sucking milk from the cows into the storage tank for further processing. All these inventions using air compressors mean that for hard working dairy farmers, the workload is reduced and they can work with more cows, which can increase the productivity and profit of the farm.

    9. Pneumatic door
    Today, pneumatic gates and chutes are used on dairy farms and air compressor-driven milking machines. These automatic doors can periodically send milking information to cows and help control the herd. Automatic pressure does not require a person for each gate, but opens and closes the gate for you. Entrance gates for living room stalls, movable panels for cattle and other types of gates, panels and portable chute can be used with air compressors to change during milking or during routine vaccination and other times of the year Move and fix cattle effectively.

    10. Use of the orchard
    Orchards rely on heavy spraying to control various diseases and pests at specific times during fruit tree growth and development. Air compressors operating sprayers are a boom period for the orchard industry. With the help of air compressors and professional spraying devices, you can reach the top of the trees more easily, and you can spray the orchard with a small part of the orchard with a manual sprayer.

    Air compressors used in the orchard industry are usually installed on the back of pickup trucks or trailers towed by agricultural vehicles. The operator drove the vehicle while another person wearing protective equipment stood at the rear of the truck and manipulated the spray hose to reach the branches of the tree. Agricultural spraying using air compressors can also be used to spray various pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers, as well as field crops.

    11. Aquaculture
    Aquaculture refers to the cultivation of fish for consumer use. Aquaculture technology uses free-range ponds or other free-range fish farming systems to raise hundreds of commercially farmed cat fish, tilapia, carp, perch and trout. Even house growers or backyard farmers can raise fish. Many farmers have turned old swimming pools into aquaculture systems.

    Fish raised in backyard ponds or aquaculture systems require clean circulating water and large amounts of oxygen to maintain the health of the fish. Air compressors can be used to operate filtration systems or oxygenators to pass air bubbles through the water. The compressed air system used in the fish farm blows out air through air stones placed along the bottom of the pond. These aerate the water from bottom to top, bubbling the water to prevent algae growth and adding oxygen to the water.

    Depending on the fish farm's supply, air compressor systems are better for fish health because they allow more air to penetrate into the water. The size of the compressor will largely depend on the size of the aquaculture project, but even small compressors can bubbling fresh air through a closed water system, thereby improving fish health.

    12. Septic tank system
    A new machine called "Soil Shaker" blows compressed air through a closed septic system to open the pipes again. Many agricultural septic systems shut down prematurely due to the accumulation of clay or other sludge in the drainage system. The soil shaker only uses air to push the particles back out of the system, so that the septic tank drainage area can work normally again. By fixing the field instead of replacing it, the soil shaker saves farmers and rural homeowners a lot of money and trouble.

    13. Power supply to the pump

    It is useful for farmers who want to replace electric pumps because electric pumps may fail during storms or major power outages. The air compressor can run on the generator, and the oil storage tank can be kept full. Farms, pastures and houses in stormy areas may wish to study this ingenious pumping system.

    14. Clean production area
    Many large root vegetable (eg carrot) producers are using compressed air systems to clean their processing areas. Large carrot producers have implemented a new high-efficiency system based on air compressors to clean their packaging areas. The result is better energy use and higher cost efficiency.

    Although small-scale farmers may not be able to implement the same system, it points to another use of air compressors for agriculture, which may eventually be reduced to the size of homestead or backyard farmers. Other farmers use compressed air to clean the bar, where they accumulate manure, bedding and other debris.

    15. Wind Energy Storage
    For most homeowners, farmers and ranchers, renewable energy is one of the most exciting concepts. Once the equipment is in place, wind energy will be clean, efficient and free. But the wind won't blow all the time, so you can't rely on it to power things you need for a long time. Enter the air compressor! The Iowa Municipal Utilities Association is experimenting with a wind-driven air compressor battery that stores wind energy in an underground compressed air tank. This sounds like something in science fiction, but it seems feasible.

    Wind turbines that operate during off-peak energy hours pump compressed air into an underground aquifer, which can then be released to peak hours to power the turbines. In Germany, a similar method using underground salt caves has been patented. It is hoped that wind turbines can provide power to the air compressor batteries. These air compressor batteries will continue to rotate the turbines during off-peak hours, thereby smoothing the generated energy and making it as regular as coal or petroleum power plants.

    There are many other uses for air compression airports. Farmers operate everything from sanders to air compressors. Chisels, awls, pumps, scissors-almost any agricultural tool can be driven by an air compressor.

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