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    Preparation and application of metal plating for casting metal materials:

    Metal material plating is the whole process of spraying molten corrosion-resistant metal material to the metal surface with air compression or rare gas to produce a maintenance coating. When metal materials are coated, the raw materials of the coating are melted and atomized in a professional spray sink or paint spray gun, and sprayed onto the raw materials of the substrate. This type of surface decoration is sometimes called metal material painting. Oxyacetylene flame is generally used, but sometimes other vapors are also used. When the coated iron wire is automatically fed according to the flame core, the iron wire is melted and additionally atomized by the compressed air stream and sprayed onto the base material. Basically, any metal material that can be made into iron wire can be plated in this way. Another spray gun uses powdered raw materials to spray out according to the flame. The advantage of this type of method is that not only can be coated with metal materials, but also can be coated with metal ceramic polymer materials, metal oxides and cemented carbide tools.

    Preparing the surface layer before plating: The fusion between the plating raw material obtained from the metal material plating and the substrate raw material is purely broken mechanical equipment. Therefore, the substrate raw material must be properly pre-solved. Facilitate the integration of excellent machinery and equipment. No matter which surface preparation method is used in advance, the substrate surface must be cleaned without oil stains.

    The common way to prepare the surface in advance is the sandblasting process. Therefore, the sand grains are sharp enough to create a truly uneven surface. For the surface of a cylinder that can rotate on the side of the lathe, a reasonable way is to turn out a very thick external thread, and then gently extruded with an extruding knife Tooth crest. One improvement that can be used in the plan view is to use a round grooving knife to cut out a series of parallel-faced grooves, and then use a knurling knife to capture the center of each groove. If the plated surface layer is also to be produced and processed, the substrate surface layer should be prepared in advance by preliminary processing or grooving to facilitate good preparation in advance.

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