About Zinc Die Casting Process


    When talking about the advantages of zinc die casting, usually, other casting processes cannot be compared with zinc in terms of production time. There are various casting processes that can be used to economically manufacture castings of the required size and number. However, zinc's die-casting productivity is much faster than aluminum or magnesium. Moreover, the casting tolerance of zinc alloy is smaller than any other metal or molded plastic. "Net shape" or "zero machining" manufacturing is the main advantage of zinc castings. The repeatability of smaller parts of zinc die castings is less than ±0.001". Only a few other processes (such as aluminum die castings) can achieve the same net formability and eliminate machining.


    Another great advantage of using zinc die castings is that zinc's excellent casting fluidity, strength and rigidity allow the design of thin-walled profiles, which reduces weight and saves material costs. Jiaxing Yunhe Trading Co., Ltd. deals with the related processes of zinc die castings, from mold design and testing to the manufacture, finishing and packaging of zinc components. Zinc has excellent bearing and wear properties, which can provide greater design flexibility and reduce manufacturing costs, so we can adopt the most complex design specifications and quickly and efficiently convert them into finished products.


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